Gravity Sleeps Salon

In April of 2011 Occurrent Arts teamed up for the first time with Gravity Sleeps to produce a 3 stage multimedia event in a production facility in Brooklyn called The Factory ( with Sponsorship by Bulldog Gin and the Brooklyn Brewery ).  In addition to providing logistical services ( for keeping track of the many performers and artworks involved), we designed, rented, installed, and performed expressive lighting for all the performers on the Cyc.

Performers included:

Bone Gunn, Body Collider, Aman Amun, HiLo Entertainment, Dusty Wright, DJ Whitenoise and Lady Creme

Exhibited artists included:
Peter Gorman, Max Razdow, Enki Andrews, Charles Ly, Christian Little, Megan Finnegan, Jacqueline Munro, Jesse R. Fisher, Audrey Tran, Cyrus Glacenware.

photos of body collider, lighting design by OA:


here’s a crowd shot:

a couple images of the aman amun performance:

a shot of bone gunn:

here’s a picture of the bambi killers with jim belushi:

and here’s some footage documenting their performance: